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  • Boost your joy
  • Free your inner power
  • Create your life vision
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    Getting Started

    Each one of us has our own “fundamental state”. Our “fundamental state” is the foundation of our selves, of who we are, who our soul is. In its very essence, our “fundamental state” is abundance and this is true for everything in nature.



    Special Programs

    Three-day residential experience
    Return to who I really am, my fundamental well-being
    Reconnect with my inner force
    The number of participants are limited so as to favor the personalized work
    France, Belgium, Canada, USA
    If you are interested please contact me through transformation@marielaurewill.com
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    A surprise is coming soon in this part !


Testimonials and Video!

For emotional, spiritual and physical well-being
but also in your career, profession, community,
social relationships and finances.

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